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Minimum viable product for €3000 and 3 weeks!
01 Product Study
02 Development
03 Test

How is that possible?

Product Study
Product Study. Outline core values and features. Design.
Clickable alfa version of the product
Prototype ready for market validation

Flexible team structure

Designer & product manager

Mobile developer

Web developer

Our approach

Define key values and goals of the product.
Specify main features for development.
Up to 4 hours of free consultancy for design, technology or product.
One iteration of design.
One iteration of development.
2 weeks in total! Up to 80 hours.
Beta testing and
user feedback.
Customer collects feedback from beta testers.
Market validation.
Customer conducts initial product validation on the market.

What's next?

Complete project

Per-hour engagement

Dedicated team

Team relocation

Technologies & Industries




Smart TV


Smart devices

Internet of things

On-demand services

Home automation

We're ready for your project

Still got questions?

What exactly does an MVP entail?
Minimum viable product (MVP) is a product which has just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development. Gathering insights from an MVP is often less expensive than using a product with more features which increase costs and risk in the case where the product fails, for example due to incorrect assumptions. A minimum viable product has just those core features that allow the product to be deployed, and no more.
Which team members and technologies do you provide for development of my MVP?
Backend: PHP, Python.
Frontend: iOS, Android, JavaScript/HTML5.
Design/UX: UI/UX designer.
Project management: Project/Product manager.
Team structure is flexible and might depend on specific client needs, e.g. only iOS developer for 80 hours of work when product overview and design have been done by customer.
Why should i trust my idea with you?
Moqod has a long proven track record working with Dutch startups. We are a Dutch company and follow all EU rules and regulations. Moreover, we value our reputation on the market. By our contracts the customer bears sole ownership of all intellectual property and the product. To secure the secrecy of customer’s idea, we can sign an NDA, if required.
What can you put into an MVP?
MVP will only contain core features that need to be validated. The whole idea behind MVP is to get maximum feedback and learnings from customers for minimum monetary and time investments. So your product should start with what it truly is. Simple example - an MVP for clone of AirBNB would be just a listing of apartments.
My idea is really big, how do you make an MVP out of it?
We follow value driven development flow. No matter how big your idea is we try to decompose it and find out the core. As a customer, you need to answer the following questions:
  1. Why should your customers use the product?
  2. What value does it bring?
Then once the core offering of the product is defined we build the MVP based on that. This gives the customer an ability to validate and test the product with minimum investment of time and money - €3000 and 3 weeks to be specific.
Where are the project managers and developers based? How do i contact them?
Moqod are a distributed team. The initial contact starts face-to-face in the Netherlands where we define what the product is and which value it serves. The rest of the communication is taken online. Development and management team is based in one of our four locations in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus).
Can i onboard them on location?
Yes, as the next step after the MVP package once the product has gone through market validation stage we offer a commitment of a dedicated remote team working on this project or even further we help to relocate the team or some of its members on customer’s location.
What guarantees do i have i will have a good product?
We guarantee to deliver a product fit for purpose and technically complete. Our responsibility is to develop what we have committed for and agreed with customer.